TYRI Vibration Testing

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  • Tested over 3 axes
  • 5-2000Hz frequency Range
  • Shock tested up to 50G

Machinery is subjected to a high level of vibration. This vibration can cause lights and other components to fail. Sufficient testing by manufacturers is required to ensure the lights meet the mechanical fatigue requirements.

Vibration testing and shock testing are carried out in a controlled laboratory environment to simulate the extreme conditions that a product may face during use. These tests are performed to enable you to have confidence in your product’s performance even under the toughest of conditions.

TYRI work lights are subjected to random vibration tests over 3 axes at 5-2000Hz frequency range, well above industry standard. This ensures TYRI lights will withstand even the harshest of environments.

As well as vibration testing, TYRI lights undergo shock testing with accelerated pulses of 50G. This ensures that TYRI lights will withstand punishment from your work environment.

TYRI are so confident in our lighting we have a FIVE year warranty in place, giving you extra peace of mind that when you buy TYRI you won’t be disappointed.

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