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Just a flick of a switch and the light comes on, illuminating the area you’re working in. However, there’s much more to the work light you’ve just switched on than people realise. Hundreds of hours go into the design and development of the lighting installed on your machine.

TYRI, an industry leader in off highway lighting, uses leading edge design software, SolidWorks, provided by Swedish company SolidEngineer AB, to minimise the time taken from the initial design through to the final product. The software portfolio covers all areas of the design phases including thermal management, injection moulding, mechanical strength and simulation. The SolidWorks PDM system increases the collaboration between the TYRI global development teams in Sweden and the United States, reducing the time taken in bringing new innovative lighting solutions to the market.

This short video briefly describes how TYRI are using SolidWorks to optimise the whole design process, from the initial concept through to manufacturing and delivery to the customer.

The next time you switch on the lighting on your machine, please spare a thought for all the work it has taken to ensure you receive the right amount of quality light in the right place.

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