Winter Is Coming

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Tough conditions require tough equipment.

This excavator is equipped with 14 x TYRI 1010 LED work lights with each light providing 3200 eLumens (effective Lumens).

To provide optimum working conditions for the machine operator and delivering the right amount of light in the right place, a range of 1010 work lights using both symmetrical and asymmetrical lenses have been installed on the excavator.

Work lights that use an asymmetrical or ASYM lens, provide a more focused light which is directed both forwards and downwards from the machine. This is particularly useful for placement on the top of a machine cab, as the operator needs light to be directed out and towards the ground where they are working. Utilizing all of the light output where you need it, instead of losing light above the cab.

The machine is also equipped with 1 x VL4 LED on the arm to illuminate the current work area, as well as 2 x TYRI 1010 Diffused LED with a diffused lens for easier replacement of buckets.

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