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As a leader in work light technology, TYRI understands the importance of supporting young engineers as they hone their skills in their chosen field. With this philosophy, TYRI was delighted to be able to help the engineering students of Michigan Technological University’s SAE Baja team, The Blizzard Baja. TYRI’s donation of lights for their four cars helped secure their win at an invitational race hosted by Cummins and Louisville Baja SAE, held at Nickota Motorcross Park in Bedford, KY.


The Michigan Tech Blizzard Baja Enterprise is a student-led organization that designs, builds, and tests single-seat, off-road vehicles to compete in a US national competition. Their recent competition at Nickota was a single day event which involved a technical inspection, three time-trial dynamic events, and a four hour endurance race that takes place from 8pm to midnight. How well each competitor does in the dynamic events and how many lights they have on their car, determines their starting position for the endurance race.

After performing fairly well in the dynamic events and having a full set of TYRI lights, Michigan Tech had the 5th and 6th starting position for the endurance race (cars #99 and #57). By the second turn of the race, car 99 was holding second place already with a great start. The rest of the pack, however, did not experience the same start. With the poor track conditions, many cars got stuck. This caused immediate traffic jams and the race had to come to a full stop.

After a re-evaluation of the course, and some major track work by the dozers, the decision was made to restart the race. Because of the traffic jams and mayhem, car 99 started in roughly 10th place at the restart. Car 57 went back to the pits for fuelling and a check-up, restarting in the back of the pack. Following the restart, car 99 worked its way to the top spot in the first 15 minutes, and held on for the win, car 57 finished in 16th place. Their other two cars finished 36th (#906) and 41st (#79).

The Michigan Tech Blizzard Baja Enterprise now has its eyes firmly set on making a run for National Competition in the spring. Here, they will be unveiling a brand new car, with some very impressive engineering behind it.

Business Development Director, Clayton Foster stated, “TYRI has a strong philosophy for helping the engineers of the future. Education is key to ensuring future vehicles are designed with the very best lighting available. This not only includes the most effective positioning of lights, but also the correct output and patterns to achieve optimum coverage.”


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