TYRI Announce a 5 Year Warranty

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International Lighting Group, TYRI have announced the launch of a 5 Year Warranty on all their LED products. This warranty reinforces the strengths and reliability of TYRI work lights, even when performing in the harshest environments such as construction and mining.

This change to TYRI’s warranty ensures the company offers a world class service and product that is fit for purpose.  TYRI invest heavily in research and development; subjecting all products to rigorous testing ensuring they can deliver to customer expectations.  This new 5 Year warranty adds the to customer peace of mind that a TYRI work light will outperform the competition. This warranty does not impact the warranty currently in place with TYRI’s original equipment manufacturers.

TYRI Business Development Director, Clayton Foster, stated, “By launching this 5 year warranty TYRI is demonstrating the confidence we have in our range of LED’s. Coupled with our knowledge of lighting and correct light patterns and output needed for each application, we can offer our customers the complete package of reliability and performance.”

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