Testing & Approvals

TYRI lights are proven to perform, even in the harshest of environments. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can hold up to the punishing regimes of all off highway machines.

Some of our quality assessments are below. However, TYRI lights also undergo numerous other examinations to ensure our final product is built to the high standards you would expect:

Vibration and Shock

TYRI lights undergo extensive vibration and shock testing, for up to 8 hours on all axes, with up to 50G force of pressure. This simulates the forces applied to the lights once mounted on off highway machines.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

It is of vital importance, especially on emergency or military vehicles, that lighting does not affect control systems, cameras, onboard computers and other radio sensitive equipment. This is why TYRI lights are scrutinised to ensure they do not interfere with EMC functionality. In line with this philosophy, TYRI lights have been awarded CISPR 25 Class 5 ratings in most cases.

Salt Spray

TYRI lights undergo rigorous salt spray testing to ensure they are approved to ASTMB117 standards. This ensures that even in corrosive environments, TYRI lights will continue to perform.


Off highway machines will often need to be cleaned with high pressure water hoses, and in some cases even steam, to sanitise the equipment. This is why TYRI ensures our complete lighting is awarded with IP69K approvals

UL Rating

UL is a global leader in providing accreditations for safety and quality. To attain and maintain this seal of approval, TYRI products have been tested to ensure they meet both safety and quality standards laid out in UL’s comprehensive guidelines. This is then monitored up to 4 times a year with a manufacturer visit by an independent UL Field representative, to ensure standards are maintained. TYRI is proud to be a UL certified lighting supplier and able to offer this level of quality.

E Rating

The E rating is one of the most recognized marks of quality and covers the basic safety requirements for motor vehicles. To achieve this mark, work lights in the TYRI range have been subjected to approved photometric laboratory testing and have achieved the standards laid down by the EC for installation to a vehicle within the European Union.

LED Protection

TYRI lights have built in temperature sensing circuits which reduce the output to regulate the temperature of the light. This prevents damage to the LED’s that can result in premature failure. TYRI LED lights are also reverse polarity protected in the event of incorrect installation. Should the wires become crossed during connection, TYRI lights will not turn on until the wires have been connected in the correct configuration, protecting the LEDs and associated circuitry.

Combined Environmental Tests

TYRI lights are subjected to heat and cool temperatures, as well as humidity, for a minimum of 50 days to ensure they will not be affected by changes in environments. They are tested in conditions up to -40°C to + 85°C and up to 90% humidity.

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