LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology offers enormous benefits in a variety of areas. The long life, durability, and efficient lumen to watt ratio of LED lights provide significant savings in service cost and power consumption. LED work lights, designed by TYRI, emit a light with 5500°K which is near the colour spectrum of the mid-day sun, and so allows the human eye to function and view objects better. Since the design capabilities are more flexible; LED lighting can be placed in compact and restrictive areas for better illumination. For unique applications, TYRI is also able to offer an alternative, warmer 4000°K or 3000°K for mining applications or concrete spraying where a white light may cause glare.


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  • D10SwivelLED_wall


    D10 Swivel

    The D10 Swivel has streamline shape and a swivel side mounting bracket.

  • 1010LED



    Available with multiple lens patterns and single or multi volt options, this light is one of the most popular in the range.

  • 1010ACLED


    1010 AC

    This work light is an ideal match for mining, aggregate stations, conveyors and stationary lighting applications.

  • 1010CurveLED


    1010 Curve

    The 1010 Curve design boasts improved, sleek and slightly curved cooling flanges to improve the overall heat transfer and efficiency.

  • 1010DiffusedLED


    1010 Diffused

    Designed for flexibility and durability, the 1010 Diffused LED work light is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including when you are working in a confined area.

  • 1010FlushLED


    1010 Flush

    Without the need for a recess hole, this light fastens to the surface of the vehicle providing a sleek and clean solution.

  • 1010 IR


    1010 IR

    Ideal for Military applications, the 1010 IR utilises a infra-red lens to provide a powerful and reliable lighting solution.  This light can also be installed where reverse cameras are in use.

  • 1010RecessLED


    1010 Recess

    This design allows the light to become integral to your machine’s design, being flexible enough to mount in a wide variety of positions.