LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology offers enormous benefits in a variety of areas. The long life, durability, and efficient lumen to watt ratio of LED lights provide significant savings in service cost and power consumption. LED work lights, designed by TYRI, emit a light with 5500°K which is near the colour spectrum of the mid-day sun, and so allows the human eye to function and view objects better. Since the design capabilities are more flexible; LED lighting can be placed in compact and restrictive areas for better illumination. For unique applications, TYRI is also able to offer an alternative, warmer 4000°K or 3000°K for mining applications or concrete spraying where a white light may cause glare.


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  • 1313LED



    Powerful and adaptable with up to 7000 effective lumen, the 1313 is typically used on large construction and mining vehicles.

  • 1313ACLED


    1313 AC

    The TYRI 1313 AC is a low energy (61W), bright and durable work light. It is suitable for larger conveyors or AC powered machinery giving an output of 3700 effective lumens.

  • 1323LED



    The 1323 LED is an extremely powerful and bright lighting option, delivering a massive 13,500 effective lumen output with a mere 6.2 amp draw.

  • 1323ACLED


    1323 AC

    The 1323 AC LED is the AC version of the 1323 and is an extremely powerful and bright lighting option…

  • VL4LED_double



    This work light, widely used on forklifts, is highly adaptable with a variety alternative uses on ATV’s, UTV and snow mobiles as well as buses and coaches and even recovery trucks.

  • VL6



    The VL6 is available with multiple lighting patterns and for various applications from ATV’s and snowmobiles to commercial coaches and trucks.

  • 0522ALED1


    0522A Marker LED

    Available with red, amber, or white LED’s, the thru bolt design allows this light to be mounted in a variety of locations on machines with 12 volt systems.

  • 0910ALED


    0910A Marker LED

    This square, dual sided, turn marker is commonly placed on fenders and cabs of vehicles.