1010 Recess


Part of the original and most popular 1010 series, this light has the performance of the standard 1010, however it has a unique mounting option which makes it possible for this light to be fitted recessed into the vehicle. This design allows the light to become integral to your machine’s design, being flexible enough to mount in a wide variety of positions. The design of the cooling flanges, to the side of the light, makes it ideal for mounting in situations where space and air flow is restricted.

Lumen Output Number of LEDs Voltage Amp Draw Power (Watts) EMC EN55025 / CISPR25 Lens Pattern Part Number
Theoretical Effective Machine Operating Range 12 Volts 24 Volts
3600 3200 4 12-48 9 60 3.0 1.5 36 3 Medium Symmetric CLF-113-1
3600 3200 4 12-48 9 60 3.0 1.5 36 3 Wide Asymmetric CLF-114-1


EMC Tested
IP 69K
Vibration Tested
Salt Spray Tested
UL Rated Optional

Operating Temp: -40° to 75° C
Color Temp: 5700K
Lens Material: Plastic
Housing: Cast Aluminum
Mounting: Flush
Connector: Deutsch (DT04-2P) Built in