The TYRI 1313 is a powerful rounded square shaped halogen work light with a powerful lighting beam. This work light is available with a number of options, including being supplied with a handle to allow the light to be transported to other machines safely and easily. The larger size of this work light helps to prolong the life of the bulb by allowing better dispersal of heat.

Bulb H3 Voltage
25W 35W 50W 55W 55W LL 65W 65W LL 70W
x x x x x x x 12-24
Light Pattern Lens Colour
Symmetric Asymmetric High Low Blue Amber Red Yellow
x x x x x x x x
IP 69K
Vibration Tested

Light Pattern: Symmetric,
Asymmetric, High, Low
Lens Material: Glass
Housing: PA6
Mounting Options:
Hanging, Standing,
Connectors: Deutsch
(DT04-2P) Built in,
Compression seal
w/pigtail harness, Spade (1/4"- 6.35mm)