As part of the 1010 lighting family, the 1010 Halogen work light reflects TYRI’s recognisable square design. The powerful light beam can be directed by a variety of lens patterns including Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and High Beam for maximum reach.

Bulb H3 Voltage
25W 35W 50W 55W 55W LL 65W 65W LL 70W
x  X x  X x x x 12-24
Light Pattern Lens Colour
Symmetric Asymmetric High Low Blue Amber Red Yellow
x x x x x x x


IP 69K
Vibration Tested
UL Rated Optional

Light Pattern: Symmetric,
Asymmetric, High
Lens Material: Glass
Housing: PA6
Mounting Options:
Hanging, Standing, Side,
Flush, Dampened
Deutsch (DT04-2P) Built in
Compression seal
w/pigtail harness
Spade (1/4” - 6.35mm)