1313 SD


The TYRI 1313 HID Super Duty (SD) work light is a robust and sturdier version of the 1313 HID. It is available in 12V or 24V configuration with ballast options of 35W or 45W.

Lumen Output Amp Draw Xenon Bulb Ballast Voltage
Theoretical Effective 12 Volts 24 Volts DS1 35W 45W 12-24
3200 2400 4.0 2.0 x x x
4200 3100 4.8 2.4 x x x


EMC Tested
IP 69K

Light Pattern: Symmetric,
Asymmetric, High, Low
Lens Material: Glass
Housing: PA6
Mounting Options:
Hanging, Standing, Side,
(DT04-2P) Built in