1010 BluePoint & RedPoint


TYRI developed the BluePoint and RedPoint LED to increase safety and minimise the risk of accidents around machinery. The LED light projects a coloured, concentrated light beam as a large and visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine. This early warning signal alerts workers that there is a machine approaching. As an industry leading concept, it allows safety to be visual instead of relying solely on sirens and alarms, especially in noisy environments where hearing is difficult. The light is available in blue, red and amber (yellow) colour options.

Model Lumen Output Candela (cd) Wavelength (nm) Number of LEDs Voltage Amp Draw Power (Watts) EMC EN55025 / CISPR25
Theoretical Effective Machine Operating Range 12 Volts 24 Volts
BLUE 300 248 10,000 cd 470nm 4 12-48 9 60 1.2 0.6 15 5
RED 300 248 10,000 cd 630nm 4 12-48 9 60 1.2 0.4 15 5


CAUTION: Possibly hazardous optical radiation emitted from this product. Do not stare at operating lamp. May be harmful to the eye.
It is important to remember, LED work lights are no more hazardous than other lighting technologies with the same correlated color temperature (CCT).
TYRI is going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers by complying with the IEC/SS-EN 62471 standard and the addition of a warning label on the product.
Light Beam Patterns
EMC Tested
IP 69K
Vibration Tested
Salt Spray Tested
UL Rated Optional

Operating Temp: -40° to 75°C
Light Pattern: Spot
Lens Material: Plastic
Housing: Cast Aluminium
Mounting Options:
Hanging, Standing, Side,
Connector: Deutsch (DT04-2P) Built in