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Custom designed work lights – more cost-effective than you think

For many years, we have seen how the automotive industry uses lighting as a brand-strengthening recognition factor. Few design details are as distinctive and character-creating for the brand and vehicle, as well-designed lights. But how do you produce lighting that is tailored to a vehicle? TYRI has over 40 years of experience in the design […]

Pre recording of webinar for TYRI-TV

On 28th September, Christian Wadell will be speaking at the “3rd Annual Global UX Innovation & Cabin Design for NRMM”. The theme of his session is “Design & Intelligence – trends in work lighting”. Today, we pre-recorded parts of the performance to create the best experience for the participants. During autumn, it will also be […]

Maintaining and cleaning work lights

Work lights, like work machines, are exposed to rain, snow, dust, salt and heavy soiling. So, to keep your work lights performing at their best and prolong the life of the light, regular cleaning is recommended. TYRI lights, are certified to IP69K so are protected from total dust ingress and high pressure/steam-jet cleaning. //Anders Johansson, […]

Testing of INTELLilightat TYRI Light Lab

INTELLilight is a new and patented concept for work lighting with a row of unique features. All lamps are connected via a wireless mesh network, the can be grouped and re-grouped, colour temperature can be changed, the can be dimmed. Everything is controlled by an app, remote control or via the machines UI (User Interface). […]

TYRI photo inspired by William Shakespeare

Maybe you have seen this image of Christian Wadell, Global Head of R&D at TYRI. And it is a photo that we like to use. Last year we asked TYRI house photographer, Göran Assner, to spend a few days at TYRI Sweden. The mission was to create interesting photos behind the scenes of our company. […]

Better colour rendering offers many benefits

Caravan Mill provides its customers with gravel and sand which they refine from blasted stone. A job that requires precision and powerful machines. The work environment is dusty and often dark so the lighting on their machines is crucial for both the employee’s health and safety as well as the productivity at work. To meet […]

Developing the next generation LED lamp for improved light quality

In the early noughties, TYRI were the first premium manufacturer to fully invest in LED and leave the development of halogen lamps behind. Our experts saw all the benefits LED had to offer and realized early on that it was LED that the future market would demand. Today we are once again leading the field […]