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12 mistakes most commonly made when choosing a LED work light

Sibylle Naumann-Edgren, originally from Germany, has been living in Sweden for many years and has worked for TYRI in Gothenburg since 2013. She is Area Sales Manager for the German speaking cluster. During her time at TYRI, Sibylle has encountered many reasons why lighting fails to deliver expected results. “TYRI is a company with a […]

TYRI launches a unique online academy

TYRI, an industry leader in work lighting, has  launched an online knowledge platform – TYRI Light Academy. The aim is to spread knowledge about what makes great work lighting and how both productivity as well as work environment can improve with the right lighting in place. TYRI Light Academy is launched on TYRI’s website and […]

8 potential risks to buying substandard work lights

TYRI Lights are a premium manufacturer of work lights, as such it is logical that they would argue against low cost and low-quality work lights. “However, buying bad work lights can actually have larger implications than most buyers are aware.” says PeO Axelsson, Marketing Manager at TYRI Sweden There are different risks associated with choosing […]

Innovation and a good work environment

The secret behind TYRI’s success and low staff turnover With its 200 dedicated employees worldwide, TYRI manufactures around 1,300,000 units per year and, all of its manufacturing is demand-driven, customised and quality-assured. Success lies in the company’s competent production management, a work atmosphere that foster collaboration, a steady flow of orders and use of robotics. […]

Diffused Lighting

Lens patterns have a dramatic effect on light output for both directional and light disbursement functionality. By developing new lenses, TYRI is able to provide work lights that reduce glare and give a more even light coverage, especially when working in restricted areas. Diffused Lighting TYRI’s diffused lens provides a wide beam of light in […]