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Changes to our social media channels

To better support our markets, we are restructuring our social media channels, you will begin to notice these changing across our Facebook and Instagram profiles. These changes will allow TYRI to dedicate local content and global content to our followers in a more effective and relevant format. Initially these changes will affect the following profiles: […]

Lighting and Electric Vehicles

Predictions are that the electric vehicle revolution in off highway industries is set to continue at a rapid pace. This quiet take over has many OE manufacturers racing to be the leading force in this new field of equipment. Particularly in the mining sector where noisy, polluting diesel engines can massively impact an already unpleasant […]

Safety First

The process of equipping industrial vehicles with the most appropriate warning lighting isn’t straightforward. As more vehicles are introduced into working spaces such as warehouses or ports, safety of pedestrians and other users become more of a concern. Protecting lives and reducing risk of injury is paramount to any material handing situation. There are many […]

Lighting OEM Designs

Lighting has a dramatic effect on the look of a machine as well as the productivity and safety of the operator. Considering lighting at the very beginning of a project can help shape the final machine design to make it as individual and unique as you! You may think it is far too scary and […]

Autonomous Vehicles & Lighting

In a technological world, where automation is leading the charge. What impact does this have on vehicle design and lighting? As technology and automation becomes more common, we will see, in the not too distant future, autonomous vehicles making more of an impact in the Off Highway industries. Automatic cars are already hitting the headlines […]

Quatro dicas para uma boa iluminação

Um ambiente bem iluminado nos faz sentir seguros e nos permite trabalhar mais facilmente. Em um ambiente bem iluminado, podemos nos concentrar nas coisas que queremos fazer, em vez de ser incomodado por iluminação desconfortável, brilho e reprodução de cores nebulosas. Per-Arne Torstensson, engenheiro óptico da TYRI, fornece algumas dicas sobre fatores que produzem boa […]

The Quest for Optimal Light Distribution

Optical engineering is a challenging profession. This is particularly true when optical solutions must be adapted to design preferences while retaining optimal light distribution. Per-Arne Torstensson is a Senior Optical Engineer at TYRI whose workday consists of integrating lens systems and technologies in lights with a specific visual design. He tells us a bit more […]

From Beetles to Heavy Vehicle Lighting

Dr Lia Fernandez is on one of the optic specialists at TYRI. She is the person the company turns to when the Development department needs advice on, for example, how a light lens should be improved, or when sales representatives need help and insight into light and optics. But Lía has not always worked with […]

TYRI Test Lab; único, prático e eficiente

Os faróis TYRI devem suportar tensões severas nos ambientes mais difíceis. Para garantir que os faróis funcionem em ambientes onde estão sujeitas a impactos, alto teor de sal, umidade, água, poeira e frio ou calor extremo, todos os produtos são testados no laboratório de testes da TYRI. Anders Johansson, chefe de testes de qualidade, leva-nos […]