Autonomous Vehicles & Lighting

In a technological world, where automation is leading the charge. What impact does this have on vehicle design and lighting?

As technology and automation becomes more common, we will see, in the not too distant future, autonomous vehicles making more of an impact in the Off Highway industries.

Automatic cars are already hitting the headlines with trials in on road capabilities and the off highway industry is not too far behind.

A quiet revolution is underway with key players introducing their visions of the automotive future. Case IH and New Holland both introduced their new autonomous tractors in 2016. Autonomous tractors use a lot of the same advanced sensors and systems that a true self-driving vehicle would, so it is no surprise that these are taking the lead in this field (pardon the pun!). However, other off highway manufacturers are also starting to develop their answer to the need for automation. Caterpillar have launched their CAT® Command for hauling solutions, pitched at boosting safety, productivity and availability on busy mine sites. Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System was first deployed in 2016 but was in development since 1990.

But, how does vehicle lighting fit into the mix?

Lighting plays an important role in autonomous vehicle design to improve safety and visibility to those working around the machine. TYRI is developing new intelligent lighting systems to aid in automation vehicle advances. These systems can be integrated, remote controlled and sensor operated. The TYRI INTELLilight system is the first in this series and promises world first functions such as the option to have 2 colour temperatures delivered from the same light.

The system can be stand alone or integrated with CAN-BUS meaning it has applications outside the automation vehicle field too.

INTELLilight is the first step in the future of lighting solutions and TYRI is leading the way in advanced lighting solutions. At the forefront of technological advancements.

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