See what our experts say about the latest trends, how you can save costs and why design is so important when it comes to lighting.

Importance of EMC Testing

Take a look behind the scenes with Håkan Dalsvik, Senior Design Engineer at TYRI Light Lab to see how TYRI ensures our lights are EMC compliant.

TYRI Test Lab

TYRI work lights are tested in house in our purpose built laboratory. Take a look here at our facilities.

Trends in work lighting

What does the future hold for work lights in off highway vehicles? Christian Wadell, Head of R&D at TYRI explains his thoughts on how lighting will adapt to meet the needs of future vehicle development.

Why is LED the smart choice?

Explainer video showing the benefits of LED work lights over halogen


TYRI Visualisation Artist, Dipti Samant explains how TYRI uses simulations to help customers see how a light will perform once mounted to a machine.

8 risks to buying low cost lights

TYRI Marketing Manager Sweden, PeO Axelsson explains the possible impacts on your premium brand image from buying low cost work lights.