The game changer.

Man and machine. Sweat and precision. Often going against the toughest elements nature can throw at them. At TYRI, we’ve always been keen to understand our clients working environments. That’s how we can keep creating innovative solutions that improve the operators working conditions while enhancing safety aspects in high risk industries. Derived from the needs and demands of a new generation of operators and after considerable development and testing, the sophisticated INTELLilight™ system is finally here. Ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

A dream for operators, and their colleagues on site.

Adjust Color Temperature

Operating in snow, fog or dust greatly reduces your line of sight. INTELLilight™ enables the operator to adjust color temperatures, creating a clearer line of sight.

Actively dim

Reflections from the bucket, other vehicles or snow can easily blind the operator. The light sensor can automatically adjust the light for a better and safer working environment. The lights can also be dimmed manually.

Group. Re-group

Use the app or remote control to group and regroup an indefinite number of light sources in a wireless mesh network for perfect lighting in every unique working situation.

Not just smart. It’s intelligent.

Since the dawn of heavy equipment, getting the correct working light has always been a difficult task to solve. Sometimes it shines too bright. Sometimes it’s too dim. It can be too warm (yellow). Or too cold (blue). At times even blinding the operator, or the colleagues working around you. Not to mention the fact that our eyesight differs from person to person. Yet the answer has always been standard solutions for everyone with simple on/off switches. Until now.

How INTELLilight™ works

The function of INTELLilight™ is to connect all lights (01) in a closed wireless mesh network. This means you get all the functions without additional cables, ensuring it is easy to install, even on existing vehicles. All the units are then registered in the app (02), making it possible to control each of them individually and to program their settings to your own personal preferences. You can also program the remote (03) for quick and handy access. Through the INTELLilight™ system you can easily adapt your lighting, manually or automatically via the sensor (04).

All the units are locked to the wireless mesh network (05), rendering them useless if stolen. INTELLilight™ can be used as a stand alone system, by OEM integration through a TYRI CANBUS gateway (06) or directly through the vehicle user interface – giving you a variety of options depending on your demands.

Six facts about INTELLilight

Wireless Mesh Network

All lights are equipped with their own router creating a 360° wireless mesh network. This makes the system easy to install, very reliable and if one light fails, the system keeps on going.

Individualized profile

Create your own personal configuration and control the system through the app, easily accessible through any smartphone, anywhere.


With the INTELLilight™ system you can add as many new light sources as you wish. Group and regroup them, and then name the settings as you desire.

Improves safety

The light sensor actively detects light from reflections or approaching vehicles, automatically dimming the lights so as not to blind the operators.


Since each INTELLilight™ system is a network of its own, new firmware and updates can be downloaded directly through the smartphone.


All the units can optionally be locked to the wireless mesh network, rendering them useless if stolen.

Personalised lighting at the touch of a button

The app forms the heart of the entire INTELLilight™ system. It acts like a command central where you can program all your choices, adjustments and personalize the hardware after your every need.

Through the cloud based solution you can take your settings with you to any new machine you wish to operate. But creating your favourite configuration isn’t all you can do. Using the app, you can easily turn on and shut down lights from a distance, and even group and re-group each light individually and name them after their purpose.

Since all of the INTELLilight™ lamps are LED, you can quickly dim or adjust color temperature from warm yellow to cold blue if travelling through snow, fog or dust – and still get a clear view of what’s ahead of you.

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